Your audience is becoming more mobile, more demanding and more difficult to please. No longer can businesses expect their audience to work to their timeframes; your audience wants complete flexibility – and, if you’re unable to provide that, they’ll find another business that can. Video on Demand offers a solution that allows your audience to consume your content their way – anywhere, anytime.

The Video on Demand (or VoD) functionality offered by Yantra TV’s unique platform allows you to give your audience the flexibility they crave. In fact, Yantra’s VoD services even provide you with the ability to tag and index content for easier access to the exact content that your audience is looking for.

Engage your audience on their terms with:

  • Simpler content delivery with less network impact, meaning a better experience for viewers
  • Total convenience for viewing your content
  • On-demand playback that allows viewers to stop, start and rewind content at will

Talk to one of our VoD experts today to discover how this game-changing technology can benefit your business.

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