Yantra TV For Membership & Sports

Time and time again, we see membership organisations suffering from the same issues; from recruiting new members to declining retention rates. It’s a constant struggle to find and maintain the right balance between the two.

Often, these organisations have vast amounts of valuable data and content that would be of great benefit to their existing members, but despite publishing it online, only a small percentage of members are engaged.

Add to this the fact that attracting a younger audience is increasingly competitive – and as many as 60% of organisations are finding themselves with a lack of engagement and steady decline in memberships.

Is your membership organisation like so many that are struggling with one or more of the following?

  • Balancing recruitment and retention
  • An aging membership population
  • Demonstrating value to members
  • Generating revenue


Supercharging membership engagement with video – proven to be the most engaging media on the web – Yantra TV’s unique web platform provides your members with easy access to your video content, anywhere, anytime. This total flexibility and instant access will support your efforts to attract a younger membership population and, what’s more, with Video On Demand and live streaming both supported, you can be sure that your members enjoy your content their way.

“Our member base was aging and we struggled to entice new and younger members to join. Using an integrated digital strategy with Yantra TV, we were able to leverage our library of video content in order to improve our member engagement to reverse the membership decline.”
Head of membership



Integrating all of the below, the powerful Yantra TV platform provides you with a full suite of tools to offer members – and potential new members alike – highly engaging, targeted content that’s easily accessible:

  • Membership
  • Subscription
  • Pay-per-view
  • Content production
  • Web-based applications
  • Digital and social media

What’s more, you’ll be reaching a younger, more savvy audience of internet users that have come to expect these services as standard.



Take charge of your retention rates with Yantra TV, allowing you to:

  • Maximise member engagement to improve retention
  • Expand the reach and value of your brand
  • Increase awareness of events, activities and facilities of your organisation
  • Create rich, media-driven content for pre-defined audiences
  • Make your content accessible on all major web and mobile devices


Generate incremental revenue streams, thanks to Yantra TV’s sponsorship packages and pre/post roll advertising that allow you to get more from your content – and deliver more for your members.

Yantra TV for membership is aimed at professional bodies, sports bodies/clubs and any organisation that allows individuals to subscribe, often with a membership fee or subscription.

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