Live streaming

Your internet-savvy audience expects more; more content, more access, more value – and that’s why live streaming is so profitable. Giving you the opportunity to show key events such as sport and music performances or offer complete 24/7 streaming, the Yantra TV live streaming functionality ensures you can give your audience what they want, what they expect – anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to Yantra TV’s portable live streaming producer, you’re able to mix and broadcast up to 5 video streams at any given time. And, because it’s portable, adding text, graphics, scores and ads is fast and simple.

Our live streaming producer is essential for organisations that work in the following sectors:

  • Sports
  • Corporate
  • Music
  • Education
  • Conference
  • Government
  • Broadcasting
  • Brands
  • Worship

We understand that the streaming service you provide your audience with has to be of the highest quality, which is why we only use best-in-class streaming technologies that meet your business objectives. Our preferred partner is:

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