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“I cannot emphasise how easy it is to work with these guys”

Head of Marketing, Tech Data

Corporate engagement and training is pivotal to the success of any business – regardless of industry. From staff retention to health and safety, it is imperative that engagement is high and training is delivered in a way that’s informative, accessible and interesting. However, identifying ways that encompass all of these requirements is difficult. Businesses are finding themselves in a position where:

  • Staff are dispersed across various locations, making training and engagement difficult
  • Millennials are making up more of the workforce but are easily disillusioned
  • Technology is evolving quicker than ever before and keeping up is a constant challenge
  • It is increasingly difficult to prove the value of training and engagement – despite it being a necessity

Deliver – Yantra TV’s unique video platform allows you to deliver critical training and corporate engagement via targeted, informative video content – regardless of where your staff may be based. Supported by all mobile devices, the platform allows you to take advantage of the fact that mobile now accounts for more than 50% of all internet browsing – including video views. What’s more, thanks to the Video on Demand and live streaming functionality, your staff can undertake training at a time and pace that best suits their individual needs.

“I cannot emphasise how easy it is to work with these guys”

Head of Marketing, Tech Data

Engage – Your staff and stakeholders expect more from your training and engagement initiatives. Enhance the experience with Yantra TV’s extensive functionality, giving you the ability to:

  • Include video quizzes to enhance learning, increase engagement and boost interaction
  • Incorporate online chaptering and content searches, accelerating users’ access to key information
  • Reinforce your brand and values with a platform that fits in seamlessly with your business plan and digital strategy objectives

Measure – Accurately measure the effectiveness of video learning courses, thanks to Yantra TV’s extensive analytical capabilities. Whilst allowing you to identify areas that require further training, it also allows you to highlight areas of success, maximising your ROI and justifying your training investment.

Yantra TV was successfully implemented for a large corporate organisation that needed to deliver their latest product information to a reseller base of 45,000. The platform was tailored to meet the company’s individual requirements, allowing them to enhance communication with their reseller network and deliver the product information via a series of informative videos. It also provided resellers with the ability to actively acknowledge that they had watched the content. The company was then able to monitor analytics on responsiveness and engagement. It was identified from feedback that resellers found the delivery channel highly effective as the informative and easy-to-access content allowed them to provide better customer service. This, in turn, increased sales conversion rates.

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